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Happy to announce my second WordPress theme available only on ThemeForest. A few months of late nights and really strong coffee has gone into making this theme happen. It’s a WooCommerce enabled, WordPress Theme that caters to the outdoorsy type of business: Wineries, Wine Tours, B&Bs, Farmers Markets, Romantic Tours, Wedding Venues, Cafes, Mediterranean (Greek, Italian, etc) Restaurants.

Geek Stuff –
Through the whole process, I’ve thought hard about what the customer wants and needs, and thanks to lots of great feedback from my last theme (Pets&Vets), many of the technical improvements I made to the initial Pets&Vets theme have been carried over to this one. Overall Momamia’s PHP & CSS code is much more polished than any WordPress Theme I’ve ever built. This is the first theme I’ve put together with the CSS preprocessor LESS, damn it was fun. I’m hooked on LESS now.

Go check out the rest of the features on Themeforest, try the demo, buy it!

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