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How to tidy up that messy WordPress admin menu.

The WordPress admin menu can get really really messy, right?

Nice clean WordPress admin menu

How do I clean it up? I put a little kitchen sink button in!

Step 1 – Get an awesome free plugin called Admin Menu Editor.

Step 2 – Open that, rearrange your menu a little bit.

Step 3 – Add a new admin menu item with this button:

Screen Shot 2020 09 02 At 10.42.21 Pm

Step 4 – move the newly created button above all of the links you would like to hide.

Step 5 – Give it a title… Set the target page dropdown to < none >… and at the end of the CSS classes field, add “kitchensink”, just like I have highlighted below.


Step 5 – Add this code to a new snippet with the Snippets plugin.

function mike_hide_my_sink(){ 
// ok sure. lemme do that. ?>
<script>/* mikes kitchen sink */
jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ) { $('#adminmenuwrap').css("height",$('#adminmenuwrap').height());$("li.kitchensink").nextAll().css('display','none').addClass("hidden-stuff");$("li.kitchensink a").click(function() {$('li.hidden-stuff').toggle();});});
<?php }
add_action( 'admin_footer', 'mike_hide_my_sink' );

Step 6 – Save and Activate the snippet. 🚀

Now just zen out every day with your awesome new menu. 🙏

While you’re here, I’ve just launched a fancy new WordPress plugin.

It’s called Leadbook 3D, please check it out 🙂