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Random idea: Using nicknames in your emails

For a while, I’ve toyed with the idea of calling subscribers by a nickname… Imagine subscribing as “Michael”, and you get an email a few hours later saying “Hey Micky!”, would that not grab your attention?

Using nicknames in emails

Yesterday I discovered a funky little Liquid trick – using the fallback filter “default” for multiple fallbacks. So why not try it on the first bit of personalisation everyone does: the greeting.

Hi {{subscriber.nick_name | default: subscriber.first_name | default: "there"}}

Now we can add a nick_name custom field to our greeting, with fallbacks if they don’t have a nickname set.

If you know your subscriber well enough and have the time, you could manually set your subscribers nick_name field, but how do you automatically set a nickname when someone joins your list?

This example shows how I do it from the one spot in Drip:

I have two triggers: One for newly created subscribers and another that you can run on existing subs to populate their nick_name field.

Here is the unminified source for the custom field.

Please go through the names and add/edit/remove/check names.

The first name per line (in the unminified source) is the lookup name; the second name is the nickname associated with the lookup name.

Nickname Activity Drip
How it looks on William’s activity
Nicknames In Drip
How the list looks now after running the workflow on everyone.

Cheers! Let me know if you use it 😊

p.s. I would use this sparingly, as people may not love you calling them by a nick name 😄