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Lead capturing: Asics Christmas Competition

I’m sorry, but I’m a massive geek for this type of stuff –
A simple promotion ✅, generating huge amounts of leads ✅ for minimal cost ✅, collecting loads of valuable data ✅ without being intrusive ✅.

ASICS Win Gear Competition

End of year is always busy in marketing, so we don’t always get a chance to look around and take in what everyone else is up to, but I came across this gem of a promotion by ASICS (thanks to my mate Paul) and thought I’d share it.

The Win ASICS Gear Competition

The basic details:

  • The competition ran for 15 days.
  • A winner is drawn every 24 hours.
  • Because it’s drawn every 24 hours there’s always a sense of urgency.
  • Compelling, yet an inexpensive competition for Asics to run.
  • After entering, you’re given a unique share link which gives you more chances to win. Instant viral effect.

The website:

No distractions, easy to complete, beautifully designed. I love how it captures important data about users without being intrusive.

1. The opening competition screen – No BS intro, countdown clock and prize winners below the fold.

Asics Comp 1

2. Men’s or women’s draw – Gives a chance to collect the lead’s gender.

Mens or womens draw - collects the gender of the new subscriber.

3. Gear type selection – Determines the persona of the subscriber

Gear selection - determines the persona of the subscriber

4. Prize selection – Capture the types of products the new lead will buy.

The prize

5. The form – captures details and interests, requires them to subscribe to ASICS.

The form to capture details, captures interests.

6. Competition entered – has a share URL which allows you to triple your entries, and Facebook and Email share shortcuts. Instant viral effect.

Competition entered - has a share URL, and Facebook and Twitter share shortcuts.

The follow-up email:

The day after the competition ended, we get this email – and you open it because you think – hey maybe I won?!

Asics Email Comp

Woohoo, you save Save 30% – everyone’s a winner!

It’s possible that other people got different emails based on their activity and I think the email could probably be more personalised using the data that was collected, but I love how simple and effective it is. It’s a great closer.


I thought it was executed brilliantly. Couple this promotion template with Facebook/Instagram ads and you’re on fire. I would like to build and use this template myself in the not too distant future.

I’ll be keeping an eye on ASICS promotions for inspo 😊

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