Toddlers WordPress Theme

Toddlers is my third WordPress theme for sale on ThemeForest. Toddlers is predominantly for childcare centres, preschools, playgroups, creches, a nursery or an online kids store for toys or kids clothes. Just like Pets&Vets, It’s very colourful, sharp, all original, illustrated vector graphics. Designed to look perfectly sharp across all screens, from mobiles to large […]


Momamia WordPress Theme

Happy to announce my second WordPress theme available only on ThemeForest. A few months of late nights and really strong coffee has gone into making this theme happen. It’s a WooCommerce enabled, WordPress Theme that caters to the outdoorsy type of business: Wineries, Wine Tours, B&Bs, Farmers Markets, Romantic Tours, Wedding Venues, Cafes, Mediterranean (Greek, […]


Make Your WordPress Theme Translatable

Today I made my Pets & Vets WordPress Theme Translatable. At first it seemed a little daunting, here is a quick guide.


Adding WordPress Admin Alerts

Some helpful snippets from an old article by Devin from WP Themeing. Click here


Editing the Host File on OSX

The hosts file is a text file that maps hostnames to IP addresses. Upon typing a url address on the browser, the system is checking if there is a relevant entry on the hosts file and gets the corresponding IP address, else it resolves the IP via the active connection’s DNS servers. The hosts file can […]


Brick: Webfonts

“In the age of the Internet, we’ve found ourselves in yet another typographic battle. In an effort to speed up loading times, we’ve compressed fonts, and along the way, we’ve lost the majority of the quality of rendered type. Let’s change that. The fonts served by Brick are clones of the original, converted without modification […]


Re-enabling Pets & Vets Slider for Mobiles

I wouldn’t recommend doing this for UX reasons, plus it has not been tested thoroughly… and I doubt anyone will want it.. But someone just asked me  how to do it, so here it is incase anyone else is after it… Copy the code below into Theme Options > Custom CSS [syntax type=”css”] .homehead { […]

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 9.51.07 AM

Tree Rings + Record Player.

I’ve done no research on this video.. I do know it was created by Bartholomäus Traubeck. I’m guessing it reads the grooves with a laser then its put though some sort of midi program, with a scale and synth set.. I honestly have no idea how it works…I should probably read up before posting about it… but […]

misclink2 – Easier Client Feedback.

Reading and writing long emails describing changes can be confusing, time consuming and sometimes painful.  Its good to find simple useful free tools like this one… I’ll definitely be trying this next time I need feedback. 🙂  


Free Alternative to Google Apps for Email

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Google Apps (I’m talking about the variation), for your custom domain mail hosting, I’ve started using Outlook. You can have up to 50 email accounts per domain. Go here: And if it’s your first time, follow this helpful guide.